Thursday, February 11, 2010

the Olympics are happening FOR REAL :(

You just gotta get a load of this Olympic shit. There are ga-jillions of people walking around in down parkas and it's like 12 fucking degrees. I keep getting sweaty when walking around in my winter coat. It is basically spring. GET REAL! Maybe I am evil because I find it super funny that Cypress mountain has NO SNOW and all the exciting ski type events are happening there.... ha ha! I took a photo of some horrendous buskers the other day... the street acts that have come out of the woodwork for this event are startling (to say the least)... the guys pictured above were attempting some sort of new jazz/rock type shit. The dude with the sax has long hair that is completely BRAIDED. What the hell did you just get back from Mexico? He has two front braids tied back behind his ears so that his braids do not fall into his face while he is jamming out on his sax. This is only one example of what my eyes and ears must endure every time I step outside of my apartment (which is in the heart of OLYMPIA). Oh well, we get free meals at work for the next two weeks so I'll just try to remain positive.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this is why i love the internet

Look at those freaky little cuties!! And this little creature below seems to live a perfectly content life in middle America. He is soooo cute... No wonder his parents made him this super cool video with awesome soundtrack! The wardrobe is also ACE.

Friday, February 5, 2010


This lil' cave man baby is gonna shave it's way into your heart...


We just did an interview on CITR with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.... It was kinda awkward cuz we each called in from different locations and didn't know when someone else was going to speak!!!! He knew pretty much everything about us which was to be expected (b/c he's so profesh) but also sort of bizzarro. Anyway. Cool times. Thought I had more to write but maybe I just need to relax for a minute and get over the embarrassed feeling I have swirling in my stomach right now. PEACE.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I want this

But wouldn't be able to pull off a bow of that size...


I want this girl to get assassinated. (click on the word BARF and prepare to VOM)

Holy Shit

OK. Whoa. It just took me for-fucking-EVER to sign in to this shit. Compleeteley forgot how.
I realized the other day that I could take SILENT photo's with my iPhone.... this immediately inspired me to start BLOGGING. I will never, ever get used to that retarded word. I still think it's worse than "tweeting" which is obviously some sort of sick joke being played on us by a team of alien's that are secretly ruling the world (more on them later).

Now I just have to figure out how to get these beauties up on here.
So I still don't know how to put the pics in specific places so they're all just up there hanging out. I intend to hone my skills and get some seriously amazing silent shots and share them with the entire UNIVERSE. (I am getting distracted. Either a family of skunks just sprayed outside my apartment window or someone nearby is smoking some serious GANJA. puff puff pass muthafuckaaa)

I'm not going to bother explaining the photo's up there. I feel as though I should take the time to figure out how to publish these things properly so that my life is easier and happier.


PS: I'm listening to Jesus and Mary Chain (Psycho Candy) and the amp isn't grounded properly so it keeps fading in and out as if a ghost is messing with me.... and also the inner sleeve has all these pictures that look exactly like BEN (pictured above with our $70 jam space key saved from the gutter) It's tripping me out!