Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I make sure to pass by the Gucci window every day so I can gaze longinly at what I would buy if I had endless amounts of completely disposable income. It is shallow and kind of sad, but it makes me very happy. My recent fixation is on this 100% silk dress with real gold detailing. It looks MUCH better up close on the mannequin and I'm sure would look A-MAZING on me. It is only $1300 and the shoes I want are only $1150. (US dollars, of course.) I imagine myself wearing this ensemble for a Vapid show and getting into some stupid argument with Steven and ripping my dress while moving gear or falling down a flight of stairs with my amp b/c of the ridiculous height of the shoes. Ruining that outfit would either be totally worth it, or put me into a deep depression for months.